L Goodenough - guitar, vocals
Jennifer Goodenough - vocals
Dennis Childers - keys
Eric Kegel - bass
Bobby Sable - drums

WEB: www.boottohead.com

HOMETOWN: Vancouver, WA

From the quirky guitar mastermind of the Clergy, Yum Yum Children emerged as Leon's outlet for his weirder side, mixing elements of new wave, art rock, fusion and alternative into a palatable helping of eccentricity.

Yum Yum, though not the typical Boot To Head band, seemed to catch on, as the comparisons to the violent femmes were undeniable while never overt. And like with the femmes, the open-minded punk could grasp on to the weirdness that was yum yum.

Yum Yum went on to release one more record after boot to head with the Five Minute Walk label, but soon called it a day as a band... but word has it that they recorded a new record a few years ago that's just wasting away on someone's shelf... maybe someday it will be set free.