Ryan W. Wagner- Guitar/Voc
Kurt Delvachio- Guitar
Noisy Steve- Bass
Chris- Drums
Crazy Dave - Keys

WEB: www.thewpp.org
EMAIL: info@thewpp.org

HOMETOWN: Vancouver, BC - Canada

The Witness Protection Program formed in November of 1998 with the coming together of Ryan (target, burden), Kurt (pud), Chris (shotdown) and Steve (target, burden, scuffle). Together these four guys would make up the heart of the band for the first half of the bands existence.

The WPP impressed fans (and labels) across North America with their nonstop touring, insane live shows, and endless self-promotion. Prior to signing with Boot to Head they had already toured the USA twice for more than a month each time, wooing crowds left and right with a show of nonstop energy, often ending with damaged equipment and body parts.

After a successful release of an ep (consisting of demo songs recorded for BTH), the WPP went into the studio to record their debut full length "The Revolution that never was and never will be," along with their newest member Dave (pheado, the colemans) on Keyboards. The new material far surpassed anything they had done thus far, as the band got weirder, more technical, and catchier all at the same time (and for those musicians out there, that's a hard feat).

Mixing elements of new wave, punk, spazz, art rock and hardcore into an infectious blend of mayhem, the WPP brought their rock to the states a few more times as they toured to promote their debut full length, then the band began to experience a handful of lineup changes over the next few years, ultimately bring about the ending and reforming of the band as simply THE WPP

With the shortened name (to the bands long time abbreviated name) THE WPP and new lineup the band has since released 2 independent eps, and one nationally distributed release on substandard/ new red archives, they are as good as ever and continue to bring their insanity to unsuspecting ears across the globe.


"We Have the Technology"

"Bam Jam" ep
"Boom Jam" ep


"The Revolution
that Never was"

"Nothing Hurts More" ep
"Get Right Back Up" demo