Jim - drums, vocals
Liam - guitar
Chris - bass
Jeremy - bk. vocals

WEB: www.boottohead.com


Having grown up in the hardcore band CLAY, one of the pioneering early days Boot To Head bands, it was a natural progression for Jim to take his new band Veranderung to us, and we were simply blown away by it.

It was pure insanity, totally different than anything we had done, or for that matter different than anything Jim had done, and what made it more interesting was that he recorded everything himself, no other musicians, except for live that is... He took the best elements of spazz and grind and threw them together with his straight edge hardcore roots and this is what came out, and it was captured in its truest form here on this record.

Unfortunately Veranderung had a super short existence, pretty much this 7" and a few unreleased demos (one under their later name "Cataclysm")... but people still ask about them nearly eight years later... crazy...


"Hold My Heart "