Marcuss Hall - vocals, guitar
Joshia - Bass
Matt - Drums


HOMETOWN: Southern, IL

In August 1998 from the ashes of many local southern Illinois bands arose a force to be reckoned with, Side Walk Slam. Young and intense, with enough energy for three bands, and the foresight for the future, these guys are headed for the big time.

Fresh into their 20's, most kids this age were busy messing around doing nothing or going to college, but not SWS, they've been building a local reputation of being one of the best punk bands around their area. As well as on their way to national acclaim.

According to Marcus (Original vocalist and guitarist), "We may hold the title of new school punk, but we are trying to push the boundaries with a new original sound. We don't focus on just new school, but try to bring out all our influences and love of music." That's definitely the case with this young act, they blend elements or straight out power punk, with pop sensibilities, and catchy hooks to create a very listenable, and often infectious sound. Whether you're into just pop, pop punk, or aggressive punk, you'll find something in SWS that you'll like.

Through the years, SWS have had some big disappointments and some great successes. Shortly after their debut release on Boot to Head Records, "Two Steps Forward, Five Steps Back," SWS got signed to Tooth and Nail records on a multi-album deal, and then the band began writing a few new songs and working on revamped versions of their BTH debut. Their Debut T&N album "Past Remains" took the band to new levels. Unfortunately, shortly after its release, Marcuss quit to peruse a family and normal life leaving Josiah to take over vocals. A feat he took on with full force, and to everyones surprise quite excelled at it.

SWS have shared a stage with countless local, national and international bands, both in their home state of Illinois and on one of their countless national tours.

With two more full lengths under their belts, SWS are still kicking and going strong, and have proved they have what it takes. Check out their Boot to Head debut, and catch them in their purest, rawest, original form.


"And We Drive "

"Give Back "
"Past Remains "

"Two Steps Forward... "