Ron Bull - Vocals
Josh Henderson- Guitar
Dave Prickett- Bass
Jim Barnett- Drums

EMAIL: unknown

HOMETOWN: Bakersfield, CA

In the music world, Bakersfield California has been known for little, besides Buck Owens, Korn, and more recently Adema. Back in 1992 when I left the town and moved to Portland Oregon and started boot to head, a few of my friends would soon start a punk band, they didn't have name or full lineup (their drummer Jim was never quite sure what to make of them and always teetered on the edge and considered himself more a fill in I guess, though he was there from start to finish) for quite a while, but eventually around early 1994 they settled on chasm shortly before joining up with boot to head and recording their debut 7" ep "Squander, Squander, The Bright New Dawn."

To the locals though, and to the touring punk bands, Bakersfield was a haven... a hole in the wall town, that plaid host to countless punk bands, and became quite known for having some of the best crowd responses around... once you played Bakersfield, you had to come back. Well Chasm took the town by storm, they seemingly came out of nowhere, and while most bands were in demo stages, they we signed with a 7" out and preparing for a full length. They also shook the boat with their crusty, British hardcore influenced sound, Bakersfield back then wasn't known for that style of punk, as well as shocking people with their Fire and Brimstone lyrical approach, songs that didn't cater to making you feel good about yourself, but songs that brought you to the appropriate level of realization of what a pitiful creature you were... this wouldn't normally be considered a formula for success, but for Chasm it worked.

Chasm quickly gained a loyal and solid following at home as well as around the world, and by the time they got into the recording of their sophomore release they had matured immensely, they had become darker, tighter, more technical, and also added in some more of the death rock influences that josh brought to the table. Chasm flawlessly mixed classic punk rock, British hardcore, deathrock, into an infectious blend of hardcore that no one came close to besides the early neurosis "pain of mind record" But like all good things, Chasm's time was downing. Their cd release show for "Gye Nyame" was not only a cd release show, but also their final show ever...   and unfortunately, they never played outside of California, so most their fans never got a chance to see them.


"Gye Nyame"